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West Sound Community Hall

West Sound from Community Hall

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In 1999 the West Sound Community Club started a three year project to complete major renovations to the West Sound Community Hall prior to the Centennial of the Hall's construction in 1902. The stimulus for the project was a survey of the Hall's foundation which revealed structural problems that required immediate attention. 

A Centennial Committee was established to develop a renovation plan and determine overall project cost. The Club then began a fund raising drive to cover the estimated $75,000 renovation cost.

Work on replacing the failing foundation began in February 2000 exactly one hundred years after Alexander Chalmers donated land for construction of a public assembly hall in West Sound.

The required funds were raised by October 2000 and the completion of the renovation was celebrated on April 21, 2001 by the placement of a new "West Sound Community Hall" sign on the front of the historic structure.


In March 2004 a group of volunteers put insulation and new cedar siding on the south end of the Hall to prevent wind driven rain and salt spray from causing structural damage to wall studs and the interior drywall.



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