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West Sound Community Hall

West Sound from Community Hall

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The land  where the West Sound Community Hall stands was deeded in 1900 to the West Sound Hall Company by Alexander Chalmers. The Hall was built in 1902 by members of the community using materials donated by George Adkins.

The West Sound Hall Company was solely responsible for  the Hall until 1925 when the women of the Fidelis Club, later called the Fidelis Circle, began sharing responsibility for renting and maintaining the Hall. 

In 1935, the West Sound Hall Company was reorganized as the West Sound Community Club. During World War II the Club was essentially inactive though the Hall continued to  be used for community activities. In 1947 the Club again became active and extensive work was done on the building. 

In 1956, many members of the Club participated in organizing the Orcas Island Yacht Club which then met in the Hall and shared responsibility for maintaining the Hall. The Yacht Club is still a tenant of the Hall.

Incorporation of the West Sound Community Club as a nonprofit corporation took place in 1999.



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